Sleep Services of Texas

What to Expect

Getting Started

Upon receiving a referral from your physician, we contact you for an initial phone call.

Simultaneous to the initial call, your insurance coverage for sleep studies is verified. Most plans cover testing, however, it varies greatly as to what extent the coverage is. Some cover 100%, while others don’t. Financial responsibilities range from a co-pay to meeting your deductible and/or paying a co-insurance, which can be considerably more.

Next, we schedule the necessary appointments. We are available for questions and scheduling 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday. If you are unable to reach us during that time, leave a message and we will return your call the following business day. The average wait for an appointment can exceed one week.

Please notify our office at least one business day prior to cancelling any appointment to avoid delay in rescheduling. Your doctor will receive the results following each appointment, including cancellations and no-shows.

What happens during sleep studies?

Testing takes place at our lab and is performed by specialized technician. During the study, you wear electrodes and sensors to assist in gathering data about your sleep while the technician monitors your brain and body functions in a separate room. You are able to sleep in your customary position, although the technician may ask you to spend time sleeping on your back.

Getting ready for your sleep study

Our goal is to make your sleep study a comfortable and worry-free experience. We have developed this set of instructions to assist in answering some common questions. If you have additional concerns or questions, call our staff anytime.

How to prepare

  • Advise us in advance of any special needs you require – oxygen supplement, DME, etc.
  • Do not stop taking medications for your sleep study unless directed by your physician. If you take medication to help you sleep, your doctor may or may not want you to continue these medications during your sleep study. Please discuss this with your physician ahead of time.
  • Refrain from drinking ANY caffeine or alcohol on the evening of your sleep study.
  • Shower and wash your hair. Hair should be dry and free of conditioners, hair spray, hair gel, etc. Wigs or extensions may need to be removed.
  • Remove all makeup and do not apply any moisturizing lotion to face or legs.
  • We need one fingernail to be free of acrylic or dark nail polish.
  • Males – the quality of the digital recording improves if you shave immediately prior to coming to the sleep lab. This does not apply to those with full beards or mustaches.

What to bring

  •  Sleep or medical questionnaire if you were asked to fill one out.
  • Comfortable nightclothes. Two-piece pajamas or comfortable shorts with a T-shirt are recommended. A single-piece long nightgown makes performing the test difficult and should be avoided. You may wish to also bring slippers.
  • Toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste and any other personal essentials.
  • All bedding is provided, but you are welcome to bring your favorite pillow, blanket or teddy bear, should you desire.

Testing procedure

  • Upon arrival, you are greeted by your technician.
  • You are shown to your private room and asked to prepare for bed.
  • The equipment hookup takes about 30 minutes and includes the following:
    Head – gauze and conductive paste (in hair attached to scalp)
    Face – taped sensors (outer eyes, chin, behind ears, below nose and on forehead)
    Neck – taped sensor
    Collarbone – adhesive tab
    Abdomen and chest – elastic belts
    Legs – adhesive tabs
    Finger – taped sensor
  • The technician monitors the test with video and audio, allowing you to call for assistance to get out of bed to use the restroom.
  • You are required to sleep on your back, although it is not necessary for the entire testing period.
  • Studies generally conclude sometimes between 5 and 6 a.m. A minimum of six hours of testing is required.
  • After the diagnostic equipment is removed, you are given a post-sleep study questionnaire to fill out before you leave.
  • No shower is available, and no toiletries are provided.
  • If you feel, at the conclusion of your sleep study, that you are too tired to drive home safely, please notify your technician. We will assist in making alternate transportation arrangements.
  • Within three business days, results are forwarded to your physician’s office.

Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. An extremely late arrival may prevent your sleep study from being performed. If you anticipate being late or if you need to cancel your appointment, please call 1-877-917-7768. The nighttime staff arrives at 8:30 p.m. Prior to that the facility is closed. We are therefore unable to accommodate early arrivals.

What happens after the study?

Analyzing and interpreting the data gathered during your sleep study is a complex process. Many hours of work are required by a specially trained technician in order to fully understand the data. The process is called “scoring” the study. Once the study is scored, it is interpreted by our physician. This process may take several days. Your follow-up instructions are based on what type of testing you completed and your physician’s instructions.